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Under the affiliated company, William H. Johnson Staffing Solutions and Services, temporary social work staff (‘Per-diem’) can be provided to qualifying facilities.  On a contractual basis, experienced professional social work staff can be scheduled to a facility in order to provide temporary coverage during professional leaves or position vacancies.

  • New social work orientation

  • Admissions coverage

  • Case management

  • Discharge planning

  • Pre-survey regulatory compliance

  • VNA and home care staffing

  • Palliative and hospice care staffing

  • Medical hospital social work 


William H. Johnson, Inc. has been successful in locating talented social workers whom are able to fill current vacancies in long-term care facilities.  This unique service will identify, pre-screen and refer exceptional candidates to contracted organizations.  This unique service not only presents the candidate for permanent employment, but will also provide ongoing orientation and training to the new position, depending upon their prior experience.  As a result, the vacancy is filled with a candidate who will be more likely to succeed due to specific selection process, in addition to the professional training and support provided to them.  Another attractive feature of this service is the highly affordable fee structure that is far below costs typically charged by traditional recruitment service agencies.  This is made possible due to the extensive long-term care social work referral network that has been developed by William H. Johnson, Inc., and through which many successful social work candidates have found their long-term care careers to be both challenging and rewarding.

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