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On a contractual basis, William H. Johnson, Inc. can schedule qualified and experienced M.S.W. consultants to provide clinical supervision services to facility social work staff meeting professional licensing requirements.  Flexible scheduling arrangements are available to meet the facility’s specific needs.

  • Supervision meeting professional licensing requirements with the Board of Social Work

  •  Social work reference completion

  • Adult Day Health supervision

  • VNA, Palliative, and home care supervision

  • Community hospice supervision


William H. Johnson, Inc. provides direct social service consultation services to social work staff within long-term care facilities in order to satisfy applicable licensing regulations.  On a contractual basis, William H. Johnson, Inc. can provide experienced professional M.S.W. staff to meet this requirement.  As an added value, facilities under contract for consulting services are able to select and schedule staff training programs conducted by Mr. Johnson or associate for their staff at no additional cost.  Please refer to the staff training program listings.

  • 2567 plan of corrective assistance

  • CMS & DPH regulatory compliance for social services

  • CMS final rule 1-3 proficient

  • Case consultation

  • Behavioral health

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Substance use disorder

  • Regulation compliance:

  1. PASRR

  2. Resident rights

  3. Notice of transfer/discharge with appeal rights

  4. Guardianship laws

  5. Medical advance directives

  6. Appeal board hearings


This service provides a ‘pre-survey’ assessment of those social service (and upon request will include therapeutic activities) areas affected by the State Survey process.  Typically completed in one day by 2 highly trained and experienced staff from William H. Johnson, Inc., this review process helps to identify areas of ‘survey exposure’ so that corrective measures may be implemented beforehand.  Using a pre-survey tool covering more than 20 areas of survey concern, resident-specific and facility-wide recommendations for action planning are made.  Clinical areas reviewed include:


  • Advance Directives
  • Social Service (and Activities) Documentation & Assessments​
  • Compliance with Psychosocial Regulations
  • Quality of Care Planning
  • Quality of Social Services (and Activities)
  • Psychiatric Services
  • J.C.A.H.O. Compliance (as requested)
  • Social Work's Response to Resident's Critical Incidents
  • Resident's Rights
  • Regulatory Notification Requirements 


The short turnaround time on this report (2-3 days) enables the facility to address issues in a timely & effectively manner.  Similarly, the ‘exit interview’ conducted with the facility staff on the date of review, facilitates the immediate implementation of corrective action plans. Extended supportive consultation services can also be arranged on an as needed basis subsequent to the ‘pre-survey’ process so as to facilitate social service standards of performance.


On a contractual basis, William H. Johnson, Inc. provides direct consultation to executive level and related management staff for the purpose of affecting positive organizational change.  The objective of this service is to increase the leadership proficiency of management level staff thus positively impacting the overall functioning of the organizational entity.  The service will typically target for improvement such organizational issues as staff retention, turnover rate, morale, job performance, and customer/staff satisfaction.  This objective is completed within a coordinated framework of a ‘Leadership’ training & education initiative (see Leadership & Management Training Programs) that is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization.  As a component element, individualized change consultation sessions are provided to executive level staff within the format of competency-based skill development program. 


At WHJ we have had great success with supervising student interns from accredited social work programs all over the country. Under close supervision of our on-site professionals, our student interns are provided the practical skills, education, and experience to become experts in their field. We are privileged to have had many of our student interns join the WHJ team as staff members. 

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